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Which of the subsequent protection gadgets could be BEST to apply to offer mechanical get right of entry to manage to the MDF/IDF? A clever card A key fob An worker badge A door N10-008 Dumps lock forty five. A agency constructed a brand new constructing at its headquarters region. The new constructing is hooked up to the agency’s LAN thru fiber-optic cable. Multiple customers withinside the new constructing are not able to get right of entry to the agency’s intranet webweb page thru their net browser, however they're capable of get right of entry to net webweb sites . Which of the subsequent describes how the community administrator can solve this problem? Correct the DNS server entries withinside the DHCP scope Correct the outside firewall gateway cope with Correct the NTP server settings at the customers Correct a TFTP Issue at the agency’s server 46. Which of the subsequent gives redundancy ona report server N10-008 Exam Dumps to make certain the server continues to be related to a LAN even with inside the occasion of a port failure on a transfer? NIC teaming Load balancer RAID array PDUs forty seven.

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